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important performance of silicone accessories

2019-08-15 48

        silicone accessories, in some years, due to environmental protection and other needs to slowly replace some of the silica gel raw materials, sometimes a finished product requires different processes, different raw materials and different accessories can be assembled into a finished product, such as electronics, machinery, toys, etc. some of the above parts are required to be assembled. many of our common sealing rings, cushions, and shock absorbing devices are replaced by silicone fittings. however, silicone raw materials also have different quality problems. three types must be seen in the purchase and production. elements.

        wear resistance of silicone fittings

        silicone fittings are widely used. many products require 24 hours a day to work. therefore, the wear-resisting function is very important. good silicone materials can be used for more than 30,000 hours under stress conditions, and the appearance will not be broken and worn.


        flexibility of silicone accessories

        elasticity is the basic application principle of silica gel raw materials. silica gel resigns with a degree of elasticity of more than 120 degrees. therefore, the elasticity is not good during the application process, and the rebound phenomenon can express the quality problem of silicone rubber products! the high tear strength is also the central element of the silicone fitting, that is, whether the life of the application is normal.

        silicone fitting tear

        the tearing degree can be found and tested in the corners of the product, and the tensile force will not break. excessive aging flashes, in the long-term application process, the various functions of the product begin to decline, such as elasticity, color, shape, etc., resulting in the loss of silicone products.

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