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that is my first wok

2019-08-15 56

said to be a wok, in fact, it was not used as a wok. at that time, i just worked and lived in the unit's single dormitory. according to the rules, the canteen should be eaten. the dormitory does not allow me to cook. the staff of the office will check the use of the appliance from time to time. but i have always been a picky person who eats food. every day i eat a canteen. i can't stand it, don't eat it or deal with it indiscriminately, and hurt my stomach. so no matter what the three or seventy-one, i set up a small set of things and secretly sneaked out. open up in the dormitory. after a long time, i lived with the neighbors and neighbors. two women, one man and three colleagues also came in. i was responsible for cooking. they were responsible for the pre-meal meal and the small days were booming.

because of the need to cope with the inspection, the kitchen utensils must be well collected, so the electric stove (the kind that is recessed) and the small stainless steel pot are bought. the pot was supposed to be the kind of restaurant used. for example, when it is served with a dish of hot pot, it is used on an alcohol stove, which is about the same as a slightly larger bowl. when i bought it, i was prepared to do the food that i had one person. the dish that was fried was just enough to hold a small dish. if it was fried, it could not be cooked once.

people who watched me cooking couldn’t help but laugh at my pot too small, remembering when my mother came to see me, laughing that i was playing at home, and going back to telling my dad and my brother that i’ve been through. for many years, dad often said disdain to me. "which is your life, use a big bowl to cook!"


but i used that little pot to live my little days, until i got to know my husband (it should be said that i already knew it, it was then separated and connected), he found that we cook ourselves and squint come over, squatting, it becomes our own cooking, huh, huh...

then it is married. after we got married, we continued to live in the dormitory for a long time, or use the small pot to cook, until our company leaders made a good heart, arranged a house in the city, colleagues to celebrate our move and sent the whole set of kitchenware, this small pot is considered to be its glorious mission.

later, when i was raising a dog, i once turned the pot out and cooked it for the dog. i was afraid of not eating the internal organs, so i used another small pot to cook it.

later, i bought my own house. i remember that when i moved, i took this small pot and moved it together, but i turned over the kitchen cabinet last night, and i didn’t find it, or i stuffed it into the innermost. if you didn't take a picture of something, just find a similar one on the internet. when i searched for the map, i discovered that the scientific name i bought was not called "pot". i had to call it "wine ding". i accidentally stepped on the fashionable little tail.

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