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how to better manage hardware development business

2019-08-15 51

there are several problems in the hardware industry: the variety of products in the hardware industry is complex, and there are many standard types of the same kind of products, which are not easy to handle; the hardware industry often encounters unconventional counting methods such as area and volume, and often requires the use of formulas. to account, not a fixed amount; the variety of warehouses is complicated, and the analysis of inventory statistics is difficult. for the professional characteristics of the hardware industry, through years of painstaking research and development, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, the development of software with distinctive industry characteristics. because of its simplicity, convenience and practicality, it has been well received by the majority of service hardware companies.

1. handling of product information: in the product information, enter the brand information such as brand, type, standard, useful period, barcode, etc., so that different types and different types of products are clearly defined, so that the handling of product information is more standardized and reasonable. to facilitate customers to find memories.

2. formula accounting: the hardware version has the function of formula accounting. customers can set up formulas based on their own needs, which enables complex calculations in multiple units without manual accounting.

3. multi-warehouse management: the software can set up multiple warehouses, and the purchase and sale of each warehouse is independent and does not affect each other. the inventory inquiry, inventory entry and exit summary, inventory entry and exit details and other functions clearly reflect the current situation of the warehouse and the inbound and outbound conditions of the warehouse in a period of time, so that the company can better control the information of the warehouse and make arrangements for purchase and sale.

4. price recall: the software has the function of price recall. at the time of sale, the sale price of the product is the price of the product that was last sold to the customer, so that there is no need to recall the price of each customer and cause an error.


5. intelligent quantity assistance: it is easy to complete the unit conversion. example: edible oil? 1 box = 6 bottles = 36 kg. water pipe? 1 package = 20 pieces = 80 meters? if the customer needs a 100m water pipe, the software will automatically show 1 package of 5 on the invoice. can greatly reduce the error rate and labor intensity of delivery.

6. intelligent inventory handling: product warehouse is out of stock, inventory backlog, expired, can be set according to company needs. the software will actively alarm, which can significantly reduce the inventory turnover time, use the stock of the maximum limit by using the off-site, and deal with the time-selling products and defective products. fully activate inventory products and make use of existing inventory.

7. mobile inventory: at the time of inventory, only the products that have entered and exited the warehouse are counted, which greatly simplifies the operation of the inventory, improves the efficiency, and facilitates the handling of inventory.

8. analysis of financial statements: various types of current accounts, accounting statements, clear response to the transactions of various units, product sales and cost, the sale of a period of time, so that the accounting is no longer cumbersome, the enterprise resolution plan provides timely and accurate data support, which reduces the reaction time of the planners, so that they can better grasp business opportunities and take the initiative.

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